We are now able to provide our patients with access to affordable lab tests. You can now get your cholesterol checked, vitamin-D levels checked, thyroid, cardio-inflammatory markers, A1c test for diabetes, just to name a few.

Now is also a great time to do our 21-Day Rejuvenation/Purification/Detox/Weightloss program. We suggest that our patients have some lab work done to see where their cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are. You can recheck your cholesterol and triglyceride levels after your Detox program. Then it would be a good time to have another EDS test to see how the body has changed during the detox program.

Call our office today for more details about lab work, the detox program and to schedule your EDS test.

Come and relax in our Infrared Sauna!

$15 a session.